• Chem-Met LTD
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    Our company was set-up in 2002 as
    a dedicated branch. We are a distibutor of sulfur-free natural gas odorant Gasodor®
    manufactured by the German company Symrise.
    We also operate on the Renewable Energy Sources market, we produce and trade vaious kinds of biomasss.

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  • Gasodor® S-Free by Symrise

    Gasodor® S-Free by Symrise is the world's first sulfur-free natural gas odorant.
    Chem-Met LTD is the sole distributor of Gasodor® S-Free for the territory of: Poland, Russsia and the Ukraine. The odorant offered by our company offers many significant technical, economical and ecological advantages over THT.

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  • Renewable Energy Sources

    We have been operating on the Renewable Energy Sources market for many years.
    Our company has its own plantations of Salix Viminalis (Common Osier). As one of the first Polich companies we imported biomass (Palm Kernel Shell) from Africa. Our affiliate "K.A.M." - www.kam.net.pl - produces high quality pellet that we offer.

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