Gasodor® S-Free - sulfur-free natural gas odorant

The usage of a natural gas, which is odorless by nature, implies the requirement of using an odorant that will comply with all the requirements that are presented for such a substance.

First of all, it needs to have a strong cautionary smell, which will be associated with and only with one specific odor, that will be impossible to get in touch with at any other situation that when in contact with the natural gas.

Gasodor S-Free by Symrise complies with all the requirements, that are presented to a modern natural gas odorant with aplomb.

Moreover, Gasodor S-Free not only compies with all the requirements as an odorant, it also is a much more environmental friendly, than THT, TBMs i Mercaptans. It doesn't corrode pipelines and is much more stable on long and wide-area gas networks.


Comparison of most popular odorant to S-Free:

Odorant Dosage Stability SO2 Emission
Gasodor S-Free 8-20 mg/m3 High No
THT from 15 mg/m3 Medium Yes
Mercaptans n/a Medium Yes

Study and standardisation:

As a supplement for a wide array of documentation that comes from tests and practical usage of Gasodor S-Free in Germany, we also conducted a labolatory tests done at Department of Gas Odorizing that is a part of Gas and Kerosene Institute.
These test were conducted to check (poprzez badania kontrolne) the quality of the Gasodor S-Free odorant in accordanc to the requirement of the norms that are in place in our domestic market.

They clearly state that, "each of the checked samples of odorant Gasodor S-Free, supplied by the Orderer, measures up to all the criterias of the norm PN-EN ISO 13734: 2002 [1].".

S-Free in sulfur-sensitive systems

Sulfur-free natural gas odorant Gasodor
S-Free can be used in sulfur-sensitive environments, such as fuel cells and catalytic converters.

Gasodor® S- Free used in Germany

From many years, Gasodor® S-Free has been used in Germany, in cities like Hamburg, Kiel, Dortmund or Würzburg. It is used both in municipal and in rural areas as well.