Biomasa - Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources, including biomass, play a very important role in Europe's energy market. As all the experts emphasize - we will undoubtedly need to switch to low-emission market in the next ten-twenty years.

Therefore, our Company, since many years, have been manufacturing and trading with different kinds of Renewable Energy Sources, with the special attention to agro-based biomass.

Chem-Met Sp. z o.o. is proud to offer you the following kinds of biomass,
all on very competitive trade terms:

- Salix Viminalis (Common Osier). We have our own plantation of Common Osier, which we constantly spread and it is to reach around 1000 ha. This will allow for an annual shear of signicifant amounts, so we can accomplish sustainable serious supplies to our Customers.

- Wood chips. We offer wood chips of different fractions, from diverse wood sorts, all of them having good calorific value and are free from foreign materials.

- Straw briquette. Our briquettes are produced according to the newest technological standards, therefore they have dense consistency and high calorific value.

- Straw pellet. We also offer high quality straw pellet, sporting
good calorific value in the range of 15-16 GJ, produced by our company: "K.A.M".

Palm Kernel Shell Import from Africa

Chem-Met Sp z o.o. as one of first Polish companies began import of Palm Kernel Shell from Africa through sea freight. By the virtue of this, we gained necessary experience in providing a sustainable biomass supplies.